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Mornings spent with Marla are the best kinds of mornings. Taking a topic and diving deep into self work, cutting apart the negative mind loop, and insights on living life to its fullest potential. All closed with a guided meditation that follows right out of the topic of discussion.

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Hope with Rachel O’Bare

Thursday Jan 11, 2024

Thursday Jan 11, 2024

In this episode, I engage in a heartfelt conversation with Rachel O'Bare, known as @simplyrachelobare, as she shares her remarkable journey of maintaining hope amidst the return of her husband's brain tumor. Rachel serves as an inspiration, not only for the positivity she radiates in her daily life despite its challenges, but also for the unwavering commitment she demonstrates as her husband's caregiver. Join us as we explore her resilience and the profound impact of how to hold onto hope in the face of adversity.

Saturday Apr 01, 2023

In this episode Michelle Mercedes (Meesh) and I talk about the potency of a gratitude practice, how the smallest things we forget to have gratitude for, and when you shift that thought process in your life, big things change. We touch on how to become curious. Approaching things with curiosity can allow for a whole new perspective and outlook. Being a human is hard, growth is hard, recognizing why you're coming from a certain place, and how you can end up projecting that into the world. Those are hard perspectives to have but the knowledge of them is powerful and can lead to more compassion for yourself and others. Meesh blesses us with her poetry at the end. She is the living embodiment of art, a keeper of wisdom, this episode holds so much of that.intro music by the talented Lee Rixson find him on insta @leerixson Find Marla @_marmo

Saturday Mar 25, 2023

In this solo episode, I talk about my recent darkness. This is a vulnerable share of being stuck in the victim mindset. How did I manage to slowly get out? Why I feel so trapped in some ways still. The resurfacing of old patterns and forgotten lessons. How to move out of the fear and chaos energy and into more trust and surrender even though letting go of control can be so hard. I also touch on how to help friends in negative places and why it's so important to listen instead of spiritual bypass or gaslight. Hope this touches someone... we are not alone in all of it. intro music by the talented Lee Rixson find him on insta @leerixson Find Marla @_marmo

Monday Jan 09, 2023

Lee is back for the 3rd time! This time with many changes and such a massive transformation after finding what he calls "home." This episode has a little bit of everything. From relationships, to working through shadows, to loving yourself and finding out who you are from mirrors of people you love. Community building, and just growing as a person. New years resolutions.... just moving from topic to topic of goodness. Find @Lee Rixson on Spotify or Apple music! New single out now, "Sonic"!intro music by the talented Lee Rixson find him on insta @leerixson Find Marla @_marmo

Wednesday Dec 14, 2022

I'm back after almost two years.... I cannot believe it's been so long, and I have wanted to be here since the last episode. I'm so happy to be able to bring this to my listeners out there. I keep getting emails that you are still out there listening, and I am so grateful to you for continuing to remind me to come back and show up! This episode is about what I've been up to, is very hard things. How can you too do the hard thing? I hope you enjoy!!intro music by the talented Lee Rixson find him on insta @leerixson Find Marla @_marmo

Sunday Jun 27, 2021

Lee is backkkk in this impromptu pod. I called him on the way home from dinner, and he says, "lets do a podcast, like right now." So here we are. All things dating culture, and just a convo between friends. One of my favorite things he says..... you can have a man at your door step faster than you can get food delivered. intro music by the talented Lee Rixson find him on insta @leerixson Find Marla @_marmo

Sunday Jun 20, 2021

In this episode I talk about how loving every piece of your foundation as a being is so important before trying to bring in other pieces. I think we get so consumed with social media and what everyone else is doing and we try and change the fundamental person we are by taking on the qualities of others. But does that really feel good? Is it your highest excitement? Its like building a house, the foundation (your internal) has to be solid and full of love first before building upon that. I'm in the last 6 months of my 20's and falling more in love with myself than I ever have before. How can we continue to love ourselves in all the pieces, and stop demonizing those parts we don't fully love?intro music by the talented Lee Rixson find him on insta @leerixson Find Marla @_marmo

Sunday Jun 06, 2021

Wow, cannot believe I've been on pause here for 5 weeks. This is such a catch up episode. Talk about my first ever yoga retreat, all the expansion coming in, setting boundaries and asking for what I want and need in life. As I approach my dirty thirty, and come out of my Saturn's return I feel lighter, and more secure within myself and who I am. Showing up authentically in life has proven to be the biggest most exciting part yet! All the goods, lots about what I've been up to and why I've been MIA. Pinch me is this really my life?! Also just a splash of body love in here at the end and why I don't love social  media anymore.... but don't we all have a love hate relationship with it?intro music by the talented Lee Rixson find him on insta @leerixson Find Marla @_marmo

Sunday Apr 25, 2021

Oh man, it's been a week. I really feel like when we go thru these turbulent times it's important not to give up. Monday I wanted to burn everything right to the ground, but after much thought I know this is a moment to up level. It's easy to quit when things get hard, but the testament to self is to have enough self belief and strength to keep moving forward. It's easy to become a prisoner to our own mind, but your thoughts are not who you truly are, and bringing awareness to the fact that its all worked out 100% of the time this far, speaks to how powerful we really are, and how much growth there is to be had.intro music by the talented Lee Rixson find him on insta @leerixson Find Marla @_marmo

Sunday Apr 18, 2021

In this episode I get to share some super exciting life news, as well as go over how I've been taking my manifestation powers to the next level with a positive thought process!! I truly believe the mind holds so much magic, and we can allow the monkey brain to take over so easily. We all hold so much power within ourselves, and when we can move thru the turbulence of life with grace, ease, and surrender, the universe brings us so much more goodness. Hold the vision loves, it will come <3 intro music by the talented Lee Rixson find him on insta @leerixson Find Marla @_marmo


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